Frequency Control Products

YIC is one of the major suppliers offering complete frequency control components, also the earliest and leading ceramic frequency components – ceramic resonator, ceramic filters and ceramic discriminators in Taiwan.

We assist many engineers and buyers in designing and selecting the frequencies, materials, specifications and application circuits for frequency components such as Quartz / Ceramic / SAW…etc.

GNSS Modules & Receivers

YIC’s GNSS Module & G-Mouse Receiver assists customers in quickly launching competitive GPS / GNSS products such as the following requirements.

  1. New or changed GNSS products
  2. Add GNSS function to existing products
  3. Improve the current poor GNSS performance
  4. Improve the current price/performance ratio of GNSS products

For the best GNSS positioning, you need a high-quality GNSS receiver circuit and a tuned GNSS antenna.

RF Antennas

YIC provides standard and custom RF antennas. The chamber operates at 300MHz to 18GHz and achieves the requirements of the US NSA65-6 communications equipment – EN50147-1 and GB12190-96.

Navigation, Automotive, Remote monitoring, Wearable, IoT, Smart Home, Medical, Industrial Control, Smart Meter…etc.