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頻率元件在物聯網(IoT) MCU的應用需知
Application Note of Crystals and Oscillators for IoT MCUs
32 768KHz Tuning forks crystal design considerations
Crystal Processing Instruction
Crystal Production process
Design Note & Recommended YIC Crystals Oscillators for IoT Application By YIC
Design Note for YIC Quartz Crystal Unit
Freq vs Temp - YIC Ceramic Filter-LT10.7MA5
Holtek 推薦YIC 32.768 KHz晶振用於 HT8 系列MCU
MTBF for Crystal Units & Clock Oscillators
Quartz Crystal Oscillator Cutting methods
Reference design of YIC crystal units on IoT application
ROHS Instruction Chinese Version
Terms of Crystal
Tuning fork
YIC 32.768KHz crystal recommended by Holtek HT8 MCU
YIC ceramic resonator filter - ROHS
YIC LTCS10.7M vs Murata SFECF10M7FA
YIC Production Procedure & Facilities
YIC SMD 32 768KHz Crystal layout Recommendation
YIC SMD Ceramic Resonator -3pin C1C2
YIC Through-Hole Ceramic Resonator -3pin C1C2
YIC晶振 16M12PI_XT324-10 被Holtek推薦用於 BC2302A & BC2302B


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Block Diagram of YIC GPS Products
GPS Modules & Devices 常用術語
Test Report for YIC GPS GLONASS Module - YIC51009EBGG-33
YIC G-Mouse Receivers Live Test in EU - by Dr. Miroslav Skoric team
YIC GPS Product Solution
YIC GPS Receiver Module (YIC9 series) Application Circuit
YIC91612EBFGG-U8 vs UBLOX-NEO-M8N Test Report
LNA test curve of GPS External Active Antenna - ATG4638


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YIC Product Selection Guide
GNSS Industry Solution 2022
Cross Reference Of Crystal Unit
Cross Reference Of Pixzoelectric Ceramic Type
Cross Reference of YIC GPS Module (YIC vs. u-blox)
Recommended YIC MHz SMD Crystals
YIC Cross Reference Of Clock Oscillator (SPXOLVPECLLVDSRTC)
RoHS Declaration of Conformity
REACH Declaration of Conformity