YIC GPS Receiver Was Demonstrated In India

YIC GPS receiver was demonstrated at conferences and presentations in India, the following article from Dr. Miroslav Skoric.

I had a pretty complex conference and presentation tour in India in December 2019. At first, I arrived to Hyderabad to meet radio amateurs at NIAR (National Institute of Amateur Radio). The plan was to introduce them with my activities at home, where I work APRS packet-radio positioning system that includes YIC GU93030SM (Fig. 1).

(Fig. 1)

The second activity was a 3-day ham radio workshop at GMRIT institute in Rajam, Andhra Pradesh state. There I had an opportunity to work with three groups of students from ECE and CSE departments, and also visit the local amateur radio club in the campus. The students liked to have a photo with me (Fig. 2). Every day I was brought to the presentation rooms by an electrical cart, “Buggie”.

(Fig. 2)

The school rooms were full of young boys and girls, and also some teachers of ECE and CSE departments (Fig. 3).

(Fig. 3)

My next talk (2-day session) was with Vardhaman College of Engineering.

I was escorted to Vardhaman campus by radio amateurs from Hyderabad and Gwalior, who then also shared some lecturing time with me, by introducing Indian ham radio to the students. The school’s authorities were also there (Fig. 4).

(Fig. 4)

The important part of my talks was APRS and regular packet-radio. YIC GU93030SM was used for that part (Fig. 5).

(Fig. 5)

Besides the demo, I described how I had used YIC GU93030SM during my conference travel by train through Poland in 2017 (Fig. 6).

(Fig. 6)

After leaving Hyderabad, I continued my conference travel to Goa where I had a 3-hour ham radio tutorial session with IEEE ANTS 2019 (Fig. 7). The event was organized in BITS Pilani, Goa Campus. There I also joined local radio amateurs who assisted in explaining local practices in that part of India.

(Fig. 7)

In general, that 3-week educational tour to India was successful. The only thing I missed was a reciprocal amateur radio license that could have enabled me to provide experiments ‘on the air’ fully independently from other hams. Nevertheless, Indian hams were quite helpful. I expect my license application to be resolved before my next travel there, which is planned for early 2020. YIC GU93030SM GPS will be there again!

Dr. Miroslav Skoric