YIC Launches GNSS + NavIC (IRNSS) Patch Antenna: ATPGGL5R2580A

New release of GPS L1 / L5 (IRNSS) & GLONASS G1 Single Feed Stacked Patch Antenna: ATPGGL5R2580A

L1 L5 antenna

YIC ATPGGL5R2580A is designed to support the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS/NavIC) constellation L5 with GPS L1 and GLONASS G1.

The integration of IRNSS/NavIC will assist the tracking devices to comply with AIS-140 in India.

Dimension: 25 x 25 x 8 mm


Nominal FrequencyL1: 1575.42±1.023 (MHz)
G1: 1602.5625-1615.5 (MHz)
L5: 1176.45±12 (MHz)
Center Frequency
(with adhesive tape on 70 square ground plane)
L1/G1: 1593±2.5 (MHz)
L5: 1175±2.5 (MHz)
-10dB Bandwidth minL1/G1: 16 (MHz)
L5: 3 (MHz)
VSWR at CF max1.8
Gain at ZenithL1/G1: 1.8dBi Typ.
L5: 0.5dBi Typ.
Polarization ModelRHCP
Impedance50 (Ω)
Frequency Temperature Coefficient max20 (ppm/degree C)

*Center frequency: -10dB bandwidth center frequency depends on the ground plane of customers.

For more information about GNSS/NavIC (IRNSS) patch antenna: ATPGGL5R2580A, please refer to Datasheet. Ordering is available through YIC’s contact.